By: CBS Evening News

Legislators in 12 states are considering proposals to allow the use of cannabinol (CBD) oils to treat children who suffer from seizures. Aaron Klepinger considers CBD oils a “Miracle cure” for treating his 8-year-old son Hunters seizures. Hunter suffers from seizures so severe they have caused brain damage. While still a controversial approach to treatment, Aaron says he has seen his son go from as many as 100 seizures a day to as few as two a week. Products such as Charlotte’s Web contain a minimal amount of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in Marijuana that give the user a high. These products contain a high amount of CBD oils, the ingredient that Aaron believes has drastically reduced the number of seizures his son suffers from. Traditional medications were ineffective for Hunter, and he still experienced seizures on a regular basis. The medication would leave Hunter screaming constantly or sleeping all day, but did little to reduce the amount of seizures. Hunters parents believe he is more alert and happier than he used to be. “I feel horrible that a person’s zip code determines the level of care their child receives” says Aaron. The Klepinger family moved from Georgia to Colorado so they would have access to the medication. Aaron absolutely believes this medication has helped his son and reduced the amount of seizures Hunter experiences. The Klepinger’s are one of 200 families in Colorado who use CBD oils as treatment for seizures in children,