By: Marijuana For Doctors

Dr. Margarette Gedde speaking at the 2014 Marijuana for Medical Professionals Conference. Dr. Gedde is a Stanford trained pathologist and award-winning researcher. Since 2009 she has focused on medical cannabis. She helps patients with chronic pain, seizures, nausea, and other conditions to lead a healthier life, reduce the number of pills they take, as well as improve quality of life. She is the founder of the Clinician Institute for Cannabis Medicine, as well as the medical director of The Vibrant Health Clinic whose mission is to advance medicine through patient service, clinical research, and physician education and training. She understands and stresses the importance of Cannabidiol oil (CBD) in future treatment strategies for seizures. Current medications often carry serious side effects or risks. CBD oils instead show increased benefits with far fewer side effects. Because of the current implementation of laws regarding marijuana and CBD oils it is difficult for physicians to conduct clinical trials. THC is the active ingredient that will give the patient a psychoactive effect, or a high. Studies that have been conducted show that products containing no THC but high levels of CBD oils still have anti-seizure properties. This can be used in pediatric treatment of children who have different types of seizure disorders. In her trials she has seen a great reduction in the amount of seizures the patients experienced. 85% of patients saw significant reduction, not only in short term use but long-term use as well. With some even seeing a complete reduction and becoming seizure free. Dr. Gedde’s trials have also gained more insight into the efficacy dose to see the optimal benefit.